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Post Executive Committee

The administrative affairs of this post of the American Legion shall, except as may be otherwise provided by the By-Laws, be under the supervision of an Executive Committee which shall consist of three members in addition to the officers of the post and the immediate Past Commander of the post.  The term of office of members of the Executive Committee shall be for one year, unless otherwise stated.

2020 Membership Year

July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Michael T. Craddy 860-559-5325 PostCdr@SomersPost101.org
James F. Radziewicz 860-763-0358 SVC@SomersPost101.org
Paul J. Martinello 860-978-9752 MartinPJM@cox.net
Leroy F. Collins 860-930-4102 beverleeco@yahoo.com
Frank A. Poirier 860-929-8244 Adjutant@SomersPost101.org
Timothy R. E. Keeney 860-657-9345 trekeeney57@yahoo.com
Charles E. Woodruff 860-763-0071 Finance-Officer@SomersPost101.org
Robert M. Sigafose 860-707-5575 Quartermaster@SomersPost101.org
Richard C. Szoka 860-749-5404 rcszoka@gmail.com
William R. Hocking 860-763-3667 Historian@SomersPost101.org
Lee D. Hareld 860-763-3516 LHareld@cox.net
Douglas C. Stebbins 860-394-6862 DStebbins@cox.net
R. Michael Dwight 860-597-8567 RMDwight@SBCGlobal.net
Executive Committeeman - Joseph H. Kelley            (Exp. 6/2020) 860-558-5684 JKelleySC@cox.net
Executive Committeeman - Vacant                         (Exp. 6/2021)    
Executive Committeeman - Lawrence C. Skodis       (Exp. 6/2022) 860-668-6322 LSkodis@MTZEng.com
Immediate Past Commander - David P. McCaffrey 860-604-0634 SVC@CTLegion4thDist.org



Post Executive Committeemen


Joseph H. Kelley


Executive Committeeman

Joseph H. Kelley



Term expires: June 2020





Leroy F. Collins


Executive Committeeman


Leroy F. Collins



Term expires: June 2021



Larry Skodis

Executive Committeeman

Lawrence C. Skodis


Term expires: June 2022